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    Be Bare Faced


    Be Bare Faced approached Jelingu with the worry that their existing brand did not represent their values and that the company’s visual identity was weak within the cosmetics market. They needed a brand that suggested a cheery, natural and a, most importantly, honest tone.

    Jelingu’s process

    Before we could work on redesigning the brand package, we had to first deconstruct the brand itself to establish key intangibles of what really made them unique...

    The brand's name – Be Bare Faced plays on the notion of clean and clear skin with the animal – The Bear. We felt the Bear was an essential element of the brand and did vigorous research into the powerful mammal.

    We had to ask ourselves some key questions….

    What type of bear?
    What emotions do people get with different bears?
    How can we design a bear that represents the brand values of BeBearFaced?
    How can we choose the right colour pallet to create a warm contemporary brand?

    After countless bear design, illustrations and primary research from people on the streets- avidly asking questions like: " what’s your favourite bear and why??! "
    The results proved that every bear answered conveyed an emotion reasoning, which was key in understanding the mood we had to develop and emphasis for the brand……

    - Happiness
    - Self –Love
    - Gentle

    Once we attained the perfect adored Bear, creating a better consumer-friendly packaging layout came naturally to us; using a palette of softer brand colours, we represented the naturalistic and honest elements of the brand.

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    The Be Bear Faced brand packaging is everything that it should be. Clean, fresh and most of all a brand that consumers can love ! We incorporated a soft color palette and used a curvilinear font to create a happy feeling. To keep the package design simple but unique we fused empty space with carefully positioned text. At the end of our design process two things were clear- We had created a brand consumers could love and this marked the rebirth of the brand - Be Bear Faced.

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