September 26, 2017
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    September 26, 2017
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    Joyal Beauty


    A Californian based company, Joyal Beauty’s has seen their products sold all over the world. Despite this achievement, however, they had issues leveraging their brand on social media platforms. Previously, their social media presence lacked consistency, brand direction, and were missing content that could entice an exciting brand following.

    Jelingu’s process

    When designing the logo it was essential that it was suitable for both men and women, as well as a more international client base. It was vital that the logo and product designs were neat, innovative and inviting.

    The lotus flower was the pinnacle element of the brand so, naturally thinking and doing differently than others, we created a distinctive lotus design that differentiates against other lotus flower renditions. More angular lines and fonts were incorporated for a masculine feel to avoid sex exclusivity, also. This illustration effortlessly creates interest and an appealing aesthetics.

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    Packaging Design

    Joyal Beauty's packaging concept focused on creating a bold style with a premium luxury feel. Initially we explored organic elements that highlight the main ingredient of each product through floral and natural illustrations. However this concept needed a cleaner design to communicate Joyal Beauty's premium brand. The minimlaistic design we decided to go with has a luxury style with bold pastel backgrounds and an elegant frame. The pastel backgrounds not only adds brightness to these packaging designs but also represent the different ranges of products that Joyal Beauty offer.

    Joyal Beauty

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