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    Lilly Creates


    Lilly Creates is an Lebanese based online retailer of handmade premium jewellery. They first approached Jelingu keen to take their locally successful jewellery business in Beirut, into the European fashion and accessories market. We worked with the company to shape their identity into a premium brand, and rewrote their intangibles such as their brand story, vision and values.

    Jelingu’s process

    The campaign’s vision concentrated on the union between the West and the Middle East to form a beautiful concept. By using silky and delicate fabrics for sultry and elegant vibes, the colour palette we chose were neutral tones with some bronzes, olive greens and sax blues for a delightful burst of colour. We kept patterns minimal to avoid overcrowding and deterring focus from the product itself.

    Thus, we prevented something of a festival feel though with some items there is a thin line between the arabesque style and the flirty sheer festival attire. We wanted the models to have natural hair and makeup to compliment the neutral tones and graceful designs of the jewellery.
    Although the company is owned in the Middle East, we maintained efficient contact to work closely together with the creative director of Lilly Creates, ensuring we incorporate her vision in video shoot so the authenticity of a family run business is displayed within the campaign.

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    web design

    The website was arguably one of main focal points within this project as it would be the online store to the company.

    The site’s look, feel and visual design needed to communicate the brand’s message and story, and most importantly attribute for a great % of the Lilly Creates sales.

    We focused on creating a site that was minimalistic, modern in design but also fashionable. Our designers worked to give the site a middle eastern ambiance to incorporate the Lebanese heritage. We based the design around a fashion editorial look book to give the brand a more high-end fashion feel, and employed light tone colors to elaborate a feminine and friendly vibe.

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    Lilly Creates

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