• Ali Baba
    September 26, 2016
    September 26, 2017
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    Will Achieve

    Company Name

    Will Achieve


    Branding strategy,
    Cinematography, Logo design



    Approached in 2016, the renowned personal trainer and founder of Will Achieve wanted to expand his personal training business into a personal lifestyle and fitness brand. With our thorough and savvy processes, we helped the Will Achieve brand to rejuvenate.

    Jelingu’s process

    Considering the vast industry of personal trainers, it was important we began by honing in on what made our client special. We had to immerse ourselves with what the brand stood for and, particularly, what it meant to the client. Working closely with the client meant that we could pair the characteristics of the personal brand with the unique individuality of the brand’s founder. Focusing on the suitable key aesthetics and components to do so, the branding strategy flowed with ease making the creation of the logo and cinematic visuals to collaborate a piece of cake.

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