By Delthia Ricks, Lloyd B. Greig

600 and thirty-three thousand ladies endure hysterectomy every year within the usa. no matter if you or a family member is thinking about or present process hysterectomy for clinical or own purposes, the choices and data approximately hysterectomy should be overwhelming. This necessary source deals the information and recommendation you wish. Written by means of a in demand obstetrician and gynecologist and by means of a client recommend and advisor to the undefined, a hundred Questions & solutions approximately Hysterectomy provides authoritative, sensible solutions for your pre- and put up- surgical procedure questions, resources of aid, and lots more and plenty extra.

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Anemia does not cause depression but it can, as mentioned earlier, lead to extreme exhaustion. When your cells are deprived of oxygen, you are anemic. It may seem to you that extraordinary amounts of energy must be summoned to complete simple day-to-day tasks. When you have anemia, just getting out of bed in the morning and going about your routine may seem laborious and tiresome. Depression, however, is a different matter altogether because it may be the reason you lose interest in activities you once enjoyed or the reason you find yourself crying for no apparent reason.

If you do not have cancer or a condition that has severely compromised ovarian function and the recommendation is to remove your ovaries as part of your hysterectomy, you may want to have a long discussion with your physician about the necessity of an oophorectomy. Many in the women’s health advocacy community had long opposed the routine removal of the ovaries in women undergoing hysterectomies. Oophorectomies create an instant need for hormone replacement therapy, a treatment that has proven to be problematic in some women.

How do estrogen and progesterone differ? What causes perimenopause and menopause? More . . qxd 8/23/06 4:45 PM 1 0 0 Q & A Page 56 A B O U T H Y S T E R E C T O M Y 24. What are the organs that make up the female reproductive system? Why is the uterus so important? vagina The passageway from the outside of the body to the reproductive system’s interior. cervix The neck at the lower end of the uterus. It connects the uterus to the vagina. The cervix dilates during labor to allow the birth of a baby.

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