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The AROE sequence maintains to bolster its specialize in effects, tracking, and assessment. the most recent 2006 version updates the results of handling for ends up in global financial institution operations, assesses if tracking and evaluate practices offer employees with info that is helping them deal with for effects, and appears at IEG's personal effectiveness. Its strategies deal with how one can make tracking and assessment more advantageous and influential instruments.

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IEG’s emphasis on strategic partnerships is leading to further collaboration evaluations. with partners on country The adoption of CASCR Reviews3 rep-resents a major shift in the Bank’s evaluation system, because it ensures systematic evaluation coverage of CAS results. IEG contributes to the In CASCR Reviews, IEG looks at the relevance of Bank’s results agenda by the CAS to the country’s focusing on M&E in its development priorities, evaluations. implementation of the country program, achievement of CAS objectives, and the quality of the CASCR itself.

Source: IEG data. outcomes, and set up a system to collect the necessary performance information. For example, progress toward a health outcome may require not only health projects, but also transport projects to improve access to health facilities, water and sanitation projects to provide access to safe water and a healthier home environment, and stronger community outreach to improve sanitary habits. Operations that share a common outcome may consider sharing performance indicators. A focus on country-level outcomes would address concerns about disconnects in outcome ratings between country and sector policy outcomes and project outcomes.

1: IEG Results Chain Final outcome Bank effectiveness improved Government institutions, policies, programs made more effective Data sources Intermediate outcomes Accountability through use by Board and senior management • Use of evaluation findings by Board members to provide oversight function • Evaluation recommendations incorporated into Bank operations and policy Learning from evaluation by operational staff •Use of evaluation findings by Bank staff to improve policy advice to clients and program and project design •Use of evaluation findings by external stakeholders to improve their programs and policies Dissemination of IEG products Outputs • IEG-WB evaluations—Findings, lessons, and recommendations • Support for evaluation capacity development (knowledge, training, advice) • Management Action Record • Survey of executive directors and their advisors • Client survey on use and influence of IEG’s evaluations • References to IEG’s evaluations in PADs and sector strategies • References to IEG in the media • Awareness of IEG’s evaluations (client survey) • Client survey on evaluation quality satisfaction IEG-WB budgetary resources (staff, consultants, and so forth) Inputs Source: IEG.

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