By Jim Baggott

A particular fusion of philosophy and metaphysics set opposed to the backdrop of up to date culture.

Have you ever puzzled if the realm is de facto there while you’re now not having a look? we have a tendency to take the truth of our global a great deal without any consideration. This e-book will lead you down the rabbit gap looking for anything we will aspect to, dangle our hats on, and say this can be actual. alongside the best way Jim Baggott provides the real arguments in regards to the nature truth as tested by means of the world’s maximum thinkers—from the philosophers of old Greece to fashionable scientists and social theorists—and takes on materialism, notion, and growth in a refreshingly new and enjoyable method. five b&w illustrations

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It has been estimated that today each of us is on the receiving end of a staggering 1,500 marketing messages every day. And we have surely not reached the end of human inventiveness when it comes to ways of channelling messages directly at consumers. In Steven Spielberg's film Minority Report, set fifty years into the future, people entering a shopping mall are first recognized individually by their retinal images and then constantly bombarded with marketing messages aimed directly at them, by name, as they walk around.

You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe what you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland. And I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Neo takes the red pill, and discovers that his entire life and the lives of everyone he has ever known have been an illusion. In reality, his body is trapped in a capsule of viscous pink nutrient. A cable feeds electrical signals to the base of his skull, and thence to his brain. Everything he has ever experienced in his life has been a virtual reality simulation called the matrix,5 fed to his mind by a belligerent machine intelligence which, though originally created by humans, has now turned on them and is using human bodies as sources of energy.

Now look back over these common-sense conclusions regarding reality. Draw on experiences from your own life. Our starting point is that reality is independent of us, our ability to conceive it and form theories about it. Reality is filled with regularities derived from natural cause-and-effect relationships. Science takes us progressively closer to the truth about reality as it really is and unobservable objects such as molecules and atoms really do exist and have real effects even though we can't see them.

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