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Acclaimed writer Kresley Cole introduces a scorching new sequence with this story of a fierce werewolf and a bewitching vampire -- not likely soul associates whose ardour will try out the bounds of existence and demise. A mythic warrior who'll cease at not anything to own her . . . After enduring years of torture from the vampire horde, Lachlain MacRieve, chief of the Lykae extended family, is enraged to discover the predestined mate he is waited millennia for is a vampire. Or partially one. This Emmaline is a small, airy part Valkyrie/half vampire, who by some means starts to appease the fury burning inside of him. A vampire captured via her wildest delusion . . . Sheltered Emmaline Troy ultimately units out to discover the reality approximately her deceased mom and dad -- until eventually a strong Lykae claims her as his mate and forces her again to his ancestral Scottish citadel. There, her worry of the Lykae -- and their infamous darkish wishes -- ebbs as he starts a gradual, depraved seduction to sate her personal darkish cravings. An all-consuming wish . . . but while an old evil from her previous resurfaces, will their wish deepen right into a love that could deliver a proud warrior to his knees and switch a gradual good looks into the fighter she used to be born to be? comprises an excerpt from Kresley Cole's subsequent romance novel, No relaxation for the depraved.

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The clan would rip her to shreds at the first opportunity. The Lykae and vampires were natural-born enemies—had been since the first nebulous chaos of the Lore. Blood adversaries. That’s why he was impatiently returning his attention to her things—to study an enemy. Not because he was itching with curiosity about the female. ” He’d seen advertisements for those on the television—he’d probably learned as much from the advertisements as he did from the grim person who sat and divulged news—and he knew they purchased everything.

But he’d take what fate had given. “I’m going tae be inside you tonight. ” She gazed up at him with her brows drawn as though with despair. “You said you wouldn’t hurt me. ” Did the witch think that promise would be enough to save her? He gripped his cock, dragged her leg up to his hip…. “But you said,” she whispered, devastated that she’d believed him. She hated being lied to, especially since she could never lie back. ” He stilled. With a deep growl, he released her leg and hit the wall again.

Because you doona want me to stop? Good. ” He must have seen her resignation because he hauled her to her feet and pushed at her to get her moving. ” My husband, she wanted to snap. The linebacker who’s going to kick your ass. Yet she couldn’t lie, even now, and never would have had the nerve to provoke him anyway. ” he asked over the downpour. His voice was beginning to sound human again. When she didn’t answer, he said with a sneer, “You’ve a careless male for yourself. ” She stumbled in a pothole and he gently steadied her, then seemed angry with himself that he’d helped her.

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