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These pictures have been cornputer29 MARINER IV RESULTS enhanced at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory by a point transformation involving linear interpolation where fractional picture element displacements occurred. The first picture captured the limb of the planet, and the last picture was taken near the southern polar region at the terminator. The most striking characteristic of the photographs is the densely packed, lunar style, impact craters on :he surface. Nearly 100 craters appear in the Mariner IV pictures, which cover less than 1 percent of the Martian surface.

And FRANK,L. A,: Observations with University of Iowa Equipment on Mariner IV, November 1964-February 1965. U. of Iowa rep. 65-5, 1965. VAN ALLEN,J. A,; FRANK,L. A,; KRIMIGIS,S. ; and HILLS,H . : Absence of Martian Radiation Belts and Implications Thereof. , vol. 149, 1965, pp. 1228-1233. VAN ALLEN,J. A,: Absence of 40 keV Electrons in the Earth’s Magnetospheric Tail at 3300 Earth Radii. J. Geophys. , vol. 70, 1965, pp. 4731-4739. VAN ALLEN,J. A,: Further Remarks on the Absence of a Very Extended Magnetospheric Tail.

It is interesting to note that, although the Mars data sample is relatively small, it is bracketed by the number of craters on the maria and uplands of the Moon. Another plot (fig. 2 5 ) compares the depth and diameters of Martian craters with those of the Moon. The depths were estimated by plotting the light values of successive picture elements on a line cutting across the diameter of a crater (refs. 11 and 30). A number of craters near the evening terminator and the southern pole appeared to be frosted.

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