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JIMD Reports - Volume 10

JIMD studies publishes case and brief learn studies within the sector of inherited metabolic issues. Case studies spotlight a few strange or formerly unrecorded function suitable to the disease, or function a major reminder of medical or biochemical positive aspects of a Mendelian disease.

Mechanisms of Lymphocyte Activation and Immune Regulation II

The ac ti vati on of Iymphocytes through physiologie ligands has turn into a critical quarter of analysis for immunologists. additionally, Iymphocytes supply many benefits for the learn of common facets of receptor-mediated mobile activation. For those purposes, study at the mobile and molecular features of the activation of Iymphocytes via antigens, antigen analogues, Iymphokines and different progress elements has multiplied significantly within the final numerous years.

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Fig. 17. Plasma dielectric antenna based on shaped charge with cylindrical liner. As it was mentioned below the jet properties depend on the charge case and liner shape, released energy, and the liner mass and composition. Also the plasma properties depend on the type of material on the surface of the jet and the square of a jet surface. To increase the erosion process from the surface of a jet the unconventional shaped charge can be investigated. As previously described, conventional shaped charges initiate an explosive material to collapse a liner material about a cavity defined by the liner.

Minin [34], they are:  Star-shaped liners: in the cross section from the charge butt end, the liner has a four-ray shape. The distance from the charge axis to the liner decreases with the charge length in an unproportional manner. Therefore, the two-dimensional cross sections of the liner are different in different planes. That is why the liner has four planes of symmetry. 5 mm, the length of the HE charge 70 mm (see figure 18).  W-liner: some results of preliminary studies of cumulative charges; with the linings that we name W-shaped linings.

Fig. 11. The dependence of the time of existance of plasma with the CDP on the size of microstructure grain of CSH material for Cu body. Fig. 12. The plasma impulse antennas created in the air by a hypervelocity Al body. Explosive pulsed plasma antennas for information protection 27 Fig. 13. Fragment of the plasma antenna shown the impulse character of the surface particle erosion. Fig. 14. The typical example of the plasma body renovated from the data of the transmitted coefficient of the mm-waves.

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