By Mario Benevides, Carla Delgado, Renata P. de Freitas, Paulo A. S. Veloso (auth.), Ana L. C. Bazzan, Sofiane Labidi (eds.)

SBIA, the Brazilian Symposium on Arti?cial Intelligence, is a biennial occasion meant to be the most discussion board of the AI group in Brazil. The SBIA 2004 was once the seventeenth factor of the sequence initiated in 1984. because 1995 SBIA has been accepting papers written and awarded purely in English, attracting researchers from around the world. at the moment it additionally began to have a global application committee, keynote invited audio system, and court cases released within the Lecture Notes in Arti?cial Intelligence (LNAI) sequence of Springer (SBIA 1995, Vol. 991, SBIA 1996, Vol. 1159, SBIA 1998, Vol. 1515, SBIA 2000, Vol. 1952, SBIA 2002, Vol. 2507). SBIA 2004 used to be backed via the Brazilian desktop Society (SBC). It used to be held from September 29 to October 1 within the urban of S˜ ao Luis, within the northeast of Brazil, including the Brazilian Symposium on Neural Networks (SBRN). This a development of becoming a member of the AI and ANN groups to make the joint occasion a truly fascinating one. particularly, in 2004 those occasions have been additionally held togetherwiththeIEEEInternationalWorkshoponMachineLearningandSignal Processing (MMLP), previously NNLP. The organizationalstructure of SBIA 2004was just like different overseas scienti?cconferences.Thebackboneofthe conferencewasthe technicalprogram whichwascomplementedbyinvitedtalks,workshops,etc.onthemainAItopics.

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In fact, they are strongly based on Armstrong’s Axioms [6], a set of expressions which illustrates the semantics of FDs. These FD logics cited above were created to formally specify FDs and as a metatheoretical tool to prove FD properties. Unfortunately, all of these FD axiomatic systems have a common heart: the transitivity rule. The strong dependence with respect to the transitivity inference rule avoids its executable implementation into RL. The most famous problem concerning FDs is the Implication Problem: we have a set of FDs and we would like to prove if a given FD can be deduced from using the axiomatic system.

Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2004 TEAM LinG 32 Gabriel Aguilera et al. On the other hand, rewriting systems have been used in databases for database query optimization, analysis of binding propagation in deductive databases [4], and for proposing a new formal semantics for active databases [5]. Nevertheless, we have not found in the literature any work which uses rewriting logic (RL) to tackle an FD problem. FD problems can be classified in two classes according to one dimension: their abstraction level.

A between two formulas and in K is a sequence of formulas such that: 1. 2. 3. and and If it is clear from the context to which relation we refer we will talk simply about a path in K. We represent the fact that P is a path between and by The length of a path is Note that the extremities of a path in K are not necessarily elements of K. Definition 2. [9] Let K be a knowledge base and of the language. We say that two formulas and only if there is a path P such that a relation between formulas are related in K by if and Given two formulas and and a base K, we can use the length of the shortest path between them in K as the degree of unrelatedness of the formulas.

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