By Melita Stavrou (ed.), Arhonto Terzi (ed.)

This choice of unique examine specializes in quite a few lesser studied elements of Greek syntax. The articles mix a valid empirical insurance inside of present advancements of generative thought and canopy a large spectrum of components. The syntax of sentential constitution is handled by means of articles, one is an in depth research of the distribution of aim and beneficiary dative DPs in Greek (and cross-linguistically) and the opposite addresses the relation agree in small clauses (and among adjectives and nouns). articles research the purchase of the left outer edge and of eventivity and one makes a speciality of the historic evolution of participles in Greek, out of which gerunds emerged. The syntax and semantics of wh-clauses in DP positions and of the non-volitional verb θelo are the focal point of 2 articles positioned within the syntax–semantics interface. The DP area is approached by way of theoretical articles, one on a Greek possessive adjective and one other on determiner heads. the ultimate contribution stories the purchase of the Greek yes article.

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6 In these languages, the denotation of an argument is guaranteed by linking the pronominal D affix (possibly via an A´-chain) with an adjunct nominal phrase. For the purposes of the discussion here, I shall call the linking between a pronominal D affix and a co-referent nominal phrase doubling, remaining agnostic on whether it invariably involves A or A´ dependencies. We will briefly return to doubling in Sections 4 and 5 and Note 20; for the time being, observe that all denoting arguments in ‘pronominal affix argument’ languages must be doubled somehow.

2001). Glossologiki theoria ke sintaksi tis ellinikis: I pikilia sti sira ton oron ke i erminia tis (Linguistic theory and Greek syntax: The word-order variation and its explanation). In Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Greek Linguistics (pp. 217–231). Thessaloniki: University Studio Press. Poletto, C. (2000). The Higher Functional Field: Evidence from northern Italian dialects. New York: Oxford University Press. Rizzi, L. (1986). Null objects and the theory of pro. Linguistic Inquiry, 17, 501–557.

In that respect Greek resembles Italian, and thus, Cardinalletti’s generalization predicts that Greek VS(O) structures involve an expletive pro satisfying the EPP, which is underspecified as far as case is concerned, so that agreement is established between T and the postverbal DP-subject. This prediction is falsified because Greek, unlike Italian, does not allow for a pro in object position (34b), a fact that indicates that pro is unambiguously marked for nominative. Thus, according to Cardinalletti’s generalization T is expected to agree with the expletive and not with the postverbal DP-subject, contrary to the facts.

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