By F.J. Dixon, Henry G. Kunkel (Eds.)

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Mozes and Shearer ( 1971) have demonstrated that the response to ( Phe,G ) -Pro--L requires cooperation I)ct\ve~entliymocytcxs and bone liiarrow cc4s. A noiiliiiiiting iiuiiilwr of thymocytes w a s mixed with liiiiitiiig nuiiibers of bonc iii:irron7 cells and transferred into syngencic irradiated recipients. In SJL micc, nl)out S tiincs ns many iii;irrow precursors \vcre detected for Pro--L as for (Phe,G), whereas, in DBA/1 mice, about 5 times as many ( Phe,G) niarrow precursors as Pro--L precursors werc cstiiiiated.

Sincc it W;IS shown that poly AU increasead the number of bone marrow precursors in DBA/ 1 micc, these obsrrvatioiis are compatible with the interpretation that iioiirespoiise to Pro--L represents a B-cell defect and nonrcsponscb to (Phe,G) involves a defect in T-cell function. C. RESPONSESTO GLA, AND GAT In studies on the antigcmicity of synthetic polypeptidc>s,Pinchuck and Mnurer ( 1965a) observed that antibocly responses could not be obtaiiicd when mice were injected with copolymcw of only two amino acids, h i t the introduction of as little as 4 mole 2 of a third amino acid resulted iii an immunogenic molecule, regardless of the nature of the third amino acid.

OF RESPONSE TO H. GENETICS THE H-Y ANTIGEN Males of all inbred strains of mice which have becn appropriately tested are known to possc~ssa liistocoiiipatibility antigen lacking in females (reviewed in Gasser and Silvers, 1972). Females of some inbred strains rapidly reject skin grafts from males of the same strain, whereas females of othcr strains reject such grafts veiy slowly or not at all. It has been demonstrated that the H-2 region is of primary importance in determining the ability of female mice to make this response (Gasscr and Silvers, 1971a; Bailey and Hoste, 1971), but other genetic factors also appear to be involved (Gasser and Silvers, 1971b).

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