By D A Conley; Jerald L Edson; C F Fineman; Idaho National Engineering Laboratory.; U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research. Division of Engineering

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2 Nuclear Power Experience The NPE database is a collection of nuclear power plant operating experience, from the public domain, published by Stoller Power, Inc. This database has been in publication since 1972 and includes descriptions of more than 50,000 events. Each event is keyword coded for rapid computerized retrieval and is referenced to the printed description. NPE evaluates current literature and extracts relevant events, particularly those events that are significant from outage-causing, safety, or generic standpoints.

B7 Carbon/alloy steel A 194 Gr. 2H Turbine Core Impeller Shaft Carbon/alloy steel A 216 Gr. WCB Carbon/alloy steel A 294 C1. 0320 Figure 6. Turbine lubrication system. 4 Turbine Governor. Turbine speed is automatically controlled by an electronic governor that positions the turbine control valve. The governor operates on signals from the system flow controller, which receives' information from the flow indicator in the pump discharge line. When an HPCI initiation signal is received, the turbine stop valve begins to open on auxiliary oil pump pressure, and the governor begins to open the turbine control valve.

Table 9 summarizes the stressors, degradation mechanisms, and failure modes for the HPCI pump. 6 HPCS Spray Sparger The most significant stressors for the HPCS spray sparger include the high-temperature corrosive environment, prolonged exposure to highneutron fluxes, thermal transients that occur during plant heatup and cooldown, and flowinduced vibrations (see Reference 8). The sparger is located above the fuel region inside the vessel where there is a two-phase mixture of water and steam and the coolant chemistry is not well known.

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