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Cichorium spp. C. intybus is chickory, whose dried and roasted roots are used for blending with coffee. The young shoots of C. endiva are endives, and are used as a vegetable, mainly in salads. Cimex lectularius A flat, wingless, reddish-brown, hemipterous bug, known as the bed bug, of interest in that the natural pyrethins in Chrysanthemum cineriifolium have remained a stable insecticide after centuries of use in Dalmatia. CIMMYT Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maiz y Trigo. Located near Texcoco, in Mexico, this is the home of the miracle wheats, and it is a bastion of pedigree breeding and single-gene resistances.

E. Asia and is a member of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae. The rhizomes provide a yellow dye, and a flavouring essential to all curry powders.

Broom corn See: Sorghum bicolor. Broomrape See: Orobanche spp. Brussels sprouts See: Brassica oleracea. Buckwheat See: Fagopyrum spp. Bud A young shoot, usually protected by scales or bracts, often for over-wintering purposes. Vegetative buds can be used for bud-grafting and meristem culture, but flower buds cannot. Bud graft The type of graft in which a vegetative bud is removed from its parent plant and used as a scion to be grafted onto a stock. The bud is normally removed with a portion of green bark, which is then inserted under the green bark of the stock.

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