By Ineke Wellens

The Nubi language is spoken in Uganda and Kenya. Nubi is Arabic, given that approximately ninety% of its vocabulary is of an Arabic nature. it's always termed a creole, seeing that lots of its structural and developmental gains resemble these of recognized creoles.

the expansion and improvement of the Nubi language needs to be positioned close to Lake Albert in the direction of the top of the 19th century. this era is definitely documented and is defined at size within the first half. This quantity additionally offers a close description of the Nubi language of Uganda, and it offers with the improvement of the language and searches for the suitable Arabic resource dialects.

The e-book comprises a couple of thousand examples and several other texts, recorded via the writer in the course of large sessions of box examine.

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They remained with approximately 900 armed men and 10,300 followers, and were joined by many native Lendu and Lur. The group was met in 1891 by Capt. Lugard, representative of the Imperial British East Africa Company, and later incorporated into the King's African Rifles. The group was divided into garrisons, and scattered all over present-day Uganda and Nairobi. The downfall of the Ugandan Nubi came soon after. Amin, however, brought them a period of revival which came to an end in 1979, when Amin fled and the Nubi were forced to seek exile in the surrounding countries.

139, children born in the Uganda Protectorate of parents of different tribes, are called mowalat, which must have come from Arabic muwallad, and which in present-day Nubi is still heard as mo'weledu. Note again the final dental consonants. The present-day Nubi form is similar to the original Arabic form. The final voiceless dental consonant in Meldon's article is in this case probably a reflection of what he heard. Meldon also writes about the leb 'dance' (128). In present-day Nubi it is 'lib, and it obviously comes from Arabic li¿b 'play', 'game'.

Vowel elision before consonants Vowels are sometimes elided in allegro forms after and before all types of consonants, but most commonly between two consonants of the same place of articulation. * Vowel elision within a word (syncope) generally occurs with unstressed vowels. ). ) 'gezima ~ 'gezma 'shoe' 'asurubu ~ 'asrubu 'drink' In the following words, the stressed vowels seem to have been lost. ). Vowel elision is thus applied to an unstressed vowel. The intermediate stage is, however, often absent in present-day Nubi.

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