By Anne Bogart

From famous auteur of the yankee theatre scene, Anne Bogart, And Then, You Act is an interesting and available ebook approximately directing theatre, performing and the collaborative artistic process.

Writing essentially and passionately, Bogart speaks to a large viewers, from undergraduates to practitioners, and makes a useful contribution to the sector tackling subject matters such as:

  • intentionality
  • inspiration
  • why theatre matters.

Following on from her winning publication A Director Prepares, which has turn into a key textual content for educating directing periods, And Then, You Act is an important practitioner and scholar resource.

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German filmmaker Wim Wenders invited several major film directors to participate in his 1982 documentary Room 666, including Jean-Luc Godard, Werner Herzog, Michelangelo Antonioni and Rainer Werner Fassbinder. In a rented hotel room in Cannes during the yearly film festival, Wenders placed a camera and a constantly running television set and asked each director to enter the room alone, turn on the camera and address the future of cinema. Room 666 is full of shared insight and knowledge about filmmaking.

If someone trips on stage in rehearsal, perhaps the trip contains the energy necessary at that moment. In rehearsal for a production of Moby Dick during the late 1970s, the actor George Kahn, out of intense frustration, literally ran up the side of a wall. ” Most directors would have stopped the rehearsal and talked until feelings were soothed. ” And so, indeed, at a specific moment in every performance of Moby Dick, George Kahn had to run up the side of the wall. ” In order to accomplish the feat, Kahn had to summon all of the fury of that difficult rehearsal.

At this moment, Staniewski stopped the film, pointed at the two women, and stated emphatically that this little interaction encapsulated the reason his theater company existed. Everything that they did, all the training, all the daily sacrifices were done in order for these two women to remember a song. I gasped at the specificity and clarity of Gardzienice’s mission. The intention, the why, is precise and heartfelt. Determined to be part of 46 intention ■ preserving a rapidly disappearing culture, Staniewski and his colleagues found an action in the world to match their interest.

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