By Una Chaudhuri, Holly Hughes

We all have an animal story—the puppy we enjoyed, the wild animal that captured our adolescence mind's eye, the deer the neighbor hit whereas riding. whereas medical breakthroughs in animal cognition, the consequences of world weather switch and dwindling animal habitats, and the exploding interdisciplinary box of animal reports have complex issues, such tales stay part of how we inform the tale of being human. Animal Acts collects 11 fascinating, provocative, and relocating tales through solo performers, observed by means of observation that areas the works in a broader context.

Work by means of top theater artists Holly Hughes, Rachel Rosenthal, Deke Weaver, Carmelita Tropicana, and others joins remark by way of significant students together with Donna Haraway, Jane Desmond, Jill Dolan, and Nigel Rothfels. Una Chaudhuri’s advent offers an essential origin for figuring out and appreciating the intersection of animal experiences and function. The anthology foregrounds questions of race, gender, sexuality, classification, kingdom, and different matters principal to the human undertaking in the discourse of the “post human,” and should attract readers drawn to solo functionality, animal stories, gender reviews, functionality reports, and environmental studies.

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I wouldn’t wear my “this is what a feminist looks like” t-Â�shirt in here. But this is the first generation of women to earn a little money of their own, not a lot, but enough to do this. No one is wearing a skirt. I remember when they first let us wear pants. High school. I remember asking permission to wear pants. They are hauling in stuff, setting up. Heavy stuff pulled from vans and trucks. Some of the women are bent with age, some of them can barely walk, none of them ask for help. They haul in: every variety of dog containment system, as well as bags full of I don’t know what all.

Dogs lead us back to a place where we can sit for a moment. Catch our breath. They wait till we’re ready to go on. We wake up early to seize the day. , the day has soured. Everything is hard. 23 24 a n ima l a c ts The phone rings. That is hard. Or it doesn’t ring and that’s also hard. Esther is not here and it’s hard. Or she’s next to me and that is also hard. We love each other but it’s work. And sometimes we just don’t feel like working. I don’t just want to kill time, I want to take time out back and blow its goddamn head off.

I want a double! GEORGE: Another double with two olives! LIZ: Nobody in performance art has a body double. Do they? I wonder if Split Britches have body doubles?  . GEORGE (interrupts): I could have killed her in the beginning. I fell in love st ay ! with her in the end. I can hear her listening; she always looks like she’s listening, but she’s not. Liz holds her chicken bone in her mouth as she pours Cheerios into tin bowls. GEORGE: She’s under the weather. I can tell she is under the weather because she keeps telling me that I look under the weather.

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