By John F. Walvoord

Armageddon, Oil, and the center East hindrance: What the Bible Says in regards to the way forward for the MiddleEast and the tip of Western Civilization

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In this psychological and political struggle between Israel and the Arab world, Israel found itself in a new series of dilemmas that have crossed political lines and have created new tensions and problems. The path ahead promises to be bitter, not only for Israel but for Jews around the world. For the leadership of the United States, a difficult choice is shaping up—either to abandon unilateral support of Israel's interests, incurring the enmity of the Jewish population of the world, or to favor Israel and lose the friendship of friendly Arab states and the industrialized nations around the world.

NASSER'S MYTH OF AMERICAN AND BRITISH INTERVENTION Nasser soon realized that his dream of conquering Israel had been shattered. To cover his devastating defeat, he accused Britain and America of joining in the struggle on 33 Chapter 3 Israel's side—a charge that was later proven to be totally false. On the concluding day of the war, Nasser, in a carefully rigged situation, announced his resignation. In spite of the terrible defeat of Egypt's army, the people clamored for Nasser's return. He continued to blame Egypt's defeat on British and American intervention— something that never took place.

Three times the Jews have been scattered from the land—and three times they have returned. The prophecies of their scattering and return must be compared to the actual historical facts. Jerusalem has been destroyed many times. It is important to ask what prophecies have 57 Chapter 5 been fulfilled and which can be expected to be fulfilled in the future. Many of these ancient prophecies that have not yet taken place may well occur within our lifetime. The prophecies in the Bible make it clear that Palestine's past, present, and future are a key to what will happen next in the world.

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