By Eoin Colfer

After being held prisoner for years, Artemis Fowl's father has ultimately come domestic. he's a brand new man-an sincere guy, a lot to Artemis's horror. He makes his son promise to renounce his lifetime of crime, and Artemis has to head besides it. yet no longer until eventually he has accomplished one final scheme. Artemis has built a super-computer from stolen fairy expertise. known as the "C Cube," it is going to render all present human know-how out of date. He arranges a gathering with a robust Chicago businessman, Jon Spiro, to dealer a deal for the C dice. yet Spiro springs a trap-he steals the C dice and mortally injures Butler. Artemis understands his simply desire of saving his dependable bodyguard is to hire fairy magic; so once more he needs to touch his outdated rival, Captain Holly wanting the LEPrecon fairy police. it will take a miracle to avoid wasting Butler, and Artemis's good fortune could have simply run out.

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Perhaps he couldn’t stop time, but he could halt Butler’s passage through it. The process was risky, certainly, but it was the only chance they had. Artemis popped the dessert trolley’s brake with his foot, and began hauling the contraption towards the kitchen. He had to pause several times to drag moaning assassins from the vehicle’s path. Emergency vehicles were approaching, making their way down Knightsbridge. Obviously the sonic grenade’s detonation would have attracted attention. There were only moments left before he would have to fabricate some plausible story for the authorities .

To business,’ said Spiro, fixing Artemis with his close-set dark eyes. ‘I’ve been salivating all the way across the Atlantic. ’ Artemis frowned. He’d hoped business could wait until after lunch. ’ ‘No. I don’t eat much any more. Pills and liquids mostly. ’ ‘Very well,’ said Artemis, laying an aluminium briefcase on the table. ’ He flipped the case’s lid, revealing a red cube the size of a minidisc player, nestling in blue foam. Spiro cleaned his spectacles with the tail end of his tie. ’ Artemis placed the shining box on the table.

Artemis Fowl was not so easily impressed. But then he had little choice; Ice Age was one of three cryogenic centres in the city, and the only one with free units. Though Artemis did consider the neon sign a bit much: ‘Pods to Rent’. Honestly. The building itself was enough to make Artemis squirm. The facade was lined with brushed aluminium, obviously designed to resemble a spaceship, and the doors were of the whoosh Star Trek variety. Where was culture? Where was art? How did a monstrosity like this get planning permission in historic London?

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