Digital Marketing


    Jelingu offers every spectre of Digital Marketing services for your business. Pay-per-click campaigns management such as Google AdWords, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Management, E-mail marketing and many more. We manage all aspects of your Social Media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, while you manage your business. Jelingu designs visual social media advertisements that are statistically proven to capture attention.


    google adwords

    We want you to teach us about your business and your target customers. That way, we’ll be able to build the best PPC campaigns catered for you. It’s important to move forward with an understanding of your exact advertising goals so we can measure the success of our campaigns and the returns of your advertising riches.

    Our research into your main competitor’s advertising footprint to see what can be successful and leave them begging for mercy.

    social media management

    We manage all aspects of your Social Media accounts while you are free to manage your business. As we create a solid, personalized social media strategy that is sensitive to your company's outcomes, we ensure quality engagement with your targeted community.

    Detailing important dates for your industry, suggesting campaign ideas, producing sales leads and engaging customers are only some aspects we encourage for a successful profile. The various intuitive tools and systems our social media gurus use, allows guaranteed growth and brand awareness by turning those interactions into leads.

    search engine optimisation

    Our SEO team will find you niche phrases that are specific to your business. We use tools to see how many people search for a specific phrase each month, as well as in-house databases that allows us to back-analyse your site (or your competitors). By developing your website configuration, and providing a comprehensive package of blog, forum, video, social media and web links we will raise the profile of your website in Google every month!