Mobile is at the forefront of everything Jelingu designs, whether that's in the form of responsive websites that work flawlessly across modern smartphones and tablets, or native app development for iOS, Android and Windows Phones. Mobile device use has boomed and will continue to do so, so of course this has to be one of our Jelingu services..

    We at Jelingu Creates embrace handheld and ensure our clients' websites and mobile apps are fully equipped to maximise exposure through this medium. Your options are wide-ranging and recommendations are based on budget, target audience and objectives.


    We’re a full-service, award-winning app design and development company in the heart of London, UK. We take onboard the full lifecycle of digital product development from design, programming, App Store launch and ongoing software.


    Our services span the full lifecycle of mobile products, from a kernel of an idea, to a fully fledged software platform. We can work with you to solve a specific problem, or travel the whole way. From big and powerful to small and beautiful, here’s our app service menu:

    Digital Branding Agency


    In an increasingly crowded market, we need to keep focused: Who do we want to reach? What problem are we solving? What is the value of our proposition? How do we stand out? We’re not just an app design agency, so in pooling our other resources we can make informed decisions during the app prototyping phase on both the tech itself and everything beyond it — your app’s eventual place in the world


    Not just user research, or user interfaces, or interaction, but the happy marriage of all three and how they lead on to iterative development, and then support.


    Visuals are the first touching point for our users, so they need to make an impression. They need to communicate the product, they need to be fit for all devices, and they need to stand out.


    Great technology, and it also looks great – but where’s the content? As a digital branding agency, we thoroughly understand the nature of content, and this allows us to interpret and present it in the best possible way.


    Now that you’ve defined your product, how are you going to engineer it? There are increasing numbers of frameworks, tools, platforms and programming languages available to app developers, all with their strengths and weaknesses. We can help you decide on the best technology to realise your app for iOS, Android, Windows or web.

    We match your feature list and roadmap to the most effective technologies, from Unity for 3D game projects, to a host of different native tools. We have our library of software, which can help make your development cost effective, and we can build on existing engines to quickly release a Minimum Viable Product.


    Before we start any project, we will design detailed app wireframes for the entire application architecture, allowing you to visualise the app map and features. Wireframes let us analyse the end app user experience, highlighting potential issues before we move on to the more time-intensive design, front-end coding and back-end development phases.

    In summary, the app wireframing process helps to simplify the app build, allowing for a smoother and usually quicker design process, ironing out any potential issues before they arise.