At Jelingu Creates we know that your corporate identity is the overall image of your business in the eyes of the public; a visual statement and symbol about you. It tells people what to expect from your products and services, differentiating you from your competitors. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and how people perceive you. Whether it’s cosmetics branding, luxury fashion branding, science branding or something for a sector that doesn’t exist yet, Jelingu’s designers will help you to create an amazing brand, or reinvent one.

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    It is essential to build a perception of your brand in the eyes of your customers. Your Brand name, style, tone, logo, visuals and even people working for your company, in combination are building your Brand Identity. This is all about how to make your audience think about Your brand the certain way.

    A consistent, unified message with thorough strategy is your right way to the customer’s mind. First, we make an audit of your brand, which gives us an insight to the current position and helps to determine the inconsistences and weaknesses your brand has. Then we establish your Unique Selling Proposition and develop the creative side of your brand from your logo and tone of voice to who your brand ambassadors are.

    Your brand is what Your customers think it is!


    Jelingu, together with our filming team, brings high-quality, outstanding corporate videos — videos of your events, promotional and advertising films, product launch films and many more. Deliver a clear statement, enhance your brand identity, communicate with your clients, improve your corporate culture with the help of unique, sophisticated films for your business.

    Content Creation

    Jelingu works on your company’s unique branding, from the creation of a logo through to the whole process of your brand’s establishment and equity-building. Jelingu does not just help brands on their journey, but creates a unique brand personality that ties into your company values, audience, products, and that consumers can identify with.

    Content Creation
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