Meet The Team


    Here at Jelingu Creates we don’t just build brands and websites, we bring them to life! Our team have worked on over 100 projects across 6 countries.


    Charlie Williams

    Business Operations Director

    With a Master's in International Business and global working experience, Tiwa’s entrepreneurial career has seen him found several successful businesses over a broad range of sectors from the entertainment industry, advertising and marketing, and the I.T. sector.

    Steve Kreeger

    Digital Director

    Steve understands both web technologies and design, and communicates seamlessly with both design, development and users, marrying the three perfectly.

    Paul Newman

    Account Director

    Paul loves all things digital and has a wealth of experience in the public and private sector. He'll be the one to look after you and buy the coffee (or beers if you're lucky).

    Anna Batty

    Financial Controller

    Anna arrived at Jelingu Creates to head up our accounts team and ensure that we do things even better. She's the anchor for pretty much all that happens here!

    Anastasiia Popkova

    Marketing Executive And Project Manager

    With a Master’s in International Marketing, experience in different industries and a passion to bring to life creative and innovative projects, Anastasiia is your main point of contact between our design and development teams. Anastasiia manages projects with ease, and has a great passion for user experience. She is an enthusiastic marketing professional with creativity that goes far beyond the regular stuff.

    Arna Tarygulova

    Graphic Designer

    Arna loves to work on graphics design projects and working with exciting and passionate people. Her view of the projects is always creative, original and sometimes crazy enough to fulfill anyone’s imagination.

    Simon Jones

    Senior Developer

    Taking design through into build, Simon has great knowledge in both fields ensuring the finished product is as sound as the initial design and functional vision.

    Chris Annetts

    App Developer

    Passionate about users having a better experience, Chris brings an incredible user centered focus to our design team, striving to define ways to help people get on with their lives.

    Neil Sayers

    WordPress Developer

    Part of the development arsenal, Neil's passion lies in simple to use WordPress sites, implementing slick CMS functionality making your web admin life enjoyable!

    Daniel Sweeting

    App Developer

    Dan's vast experience with both public sector and 3rd sector brings a huge array of skills and insight into how users engage with web and web processes.

    Mike Spinks

    Lead Creative

    Mike loves designing ground-breaking solutions. Passionate about users, Mike's involved throughout the entire design process and ensures the high level of quality we are known for.

    Hannah Pilbeam


    Hannah loves design and working with exciting and passionate people. Her passion is fuelled by her relentless creative curiosity, optimism and plenty of tea!

    Francesco Summo

    Operational Assistant

    Francesco manages the day-to-day operations of Jelingu, ensuring everything runs effectively. His priorities are managing Jelingu staff, communications with external partners and the development of our office system. When he is not at work he can usually be found in a café drinking proper coffee and watching tv series.

    Bev Croft

    App developer

    Underpinning all we do, Bev and the team around her find innovative and engaging ways to interact with users, helping to define the routemap to success on projects.