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    Derma Organics


    Owing to her Grandmother’s recipes and methods, our client, a young American entrepreneur, established Derma Organics based on the same natural ingredients and hand-made process. She came to Jelingu knowing we do things differently. She wished to revamp her brand by changing its direction of style along with packaging designs. Here, at the home of dope ideas, we took her wish into reality with our savvy design ingenuities…

    Jelingu’s process

    We began by honing in on our client’s virtues for her brand: providing 100% natural products crafted with love by hand. The quality of her products is nothing short of luxury. Hence, the luxury packaging design and the legitimacy of Derma Organics becoming an upmarket brand. However, with our client’s enthusiasm to share her products, the brand will also be affordable to entice a broader target audience.

    We managed to achieve a balance of keeping the brand and packaging in line with classic cosmetic branding while imparting a vogueish zing to modernise and innovate the brand by using specific illustrations and dashing colour contrasts.

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    Logo Design

    Developing from the chic ambience, we decided to keep Derma Organics' initial logo typographic. Yet, to infuse the interest of a wider consumer base whilst maintaining the organic branding, we sprinkled some our charm into the design: we flipped the ‘D’ and positioned the ‘E’ to tilt out of it like one of our clients’ mixing tools. We made the ‘Organics’ in thin plain San Serif typeface to protect the brand’s suave flair with neat modernisation.

    Packaging design
    Cosmetics packaging design
    Organic packaging design

    Packaging Design

    Inspired by the rich versatile ingredients, we became aware that these are the brand’s superb qualities that we had to emphasise for the cosmetics packaging design. Images of the ingredients were used to create delicate patterns for each product. Our design maintained an eye-candy quality while being informative of the product’s natural elements that separate the brand from the synthetic quality of other cosmetic companies.

    We embellished the idea with chic illustrations, including a hand-crafted style to represent the organic process the products are made by.

    Categorizing Products
    Lastly, we categorised the products by their purpose: face, body and hair. Carefully choosing appropriate background colours to differentiate between them, we spurred our creativity to then sub-categorised with the use of the different ingredient illustrations. The need for neutral, toned down colours delightfully juxtaposed our input of block colours and high contrasts. We accomplished an aesthetically informative organic packaging design without the bore and complexity of an overcrowded layout.

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    derma slider

    Web Design & Development

    Key elements our design team had to consider were the specific unisex expectations the client had for the website. The colour palette, therefore, had to have no strong associations with any gender, so we decided to go neutral with white and a range of colours between beige and brown. We achieved a minimalistic and stylish design with the same illustration accents to fit the overall Derma Organics brand and style. It was decided that to further help our client, the development of a fully customised website on Shopify would allow the client to easily manage all the website processes in the future with a friendly, popular interface.

    Organic branding Luxury packaging design
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