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    Elites CV

    Founded in 2008 Elites CV is a premium career development company, based in Saudi Arabia and specializing on clients within the Middle East. Elites CV focuses on delivering polished CVs in English and Arabic languages, cover letters and biographies, helping their clients to start careers or to succeed in changing their career journey.

    Elites CV is a member of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches in Florida. As an accredited member they have demonstrated a longstanding commitment to quality and fulfilling their customer’s expectations.


    When we started working with Elite CV there were many challenges from working with a company based in Saudi Arabia, understanding the Middle Eastern culture and asking ourselves the question - How do we create a strong relationship with a client based 1000 miles away?

    Elites CV were concerned that their current branding didn’t have the depth that the business needed to attract clients on an international scale. They were based in Saudi Arabia and had received a good amount of traction within the Saudi Market but lacked the brand strength to really leave a mark within the Middle Eastern region.

    We worked closely with Elites CV for over a year to rebrand the company, redesign their website, logo and to compile a marketing strategy for the business. An incredible amount of research went into this project to ensure what we were creating took into account the Middle Eastern culture, the founders business goals and also embodied our work. The founder’s main vision for the rebrand was a company with a western style professionalism but with Middle Eastern roots, one that would appeal to those within Saudi Arabia and surrounding countries.



    The website was designed to be elegant and professional, with a Middle Eastern tone. As Elites CV is a premium service provider, all digital assets of the company had to be in line with their mission and approach, we incorporated it into the website layout and colour palette, using Golden and Dark Grey elements with modern and pleasant interface. Elites CV is responsive and fully optimised to all mobile and tablet screen to insure the best User experience. It was essential that Elites CV website is functioning not only as a platform for users to order a new polished CV or Cover letter, but also to become a platform for easy communication between the company and their clients, which is why we incorporated internal messaging system. Now the customer journey on Elites CV website can be easily and fully completed without leaving the platform within all the stages of the order: confirm order, upload your CV, download your polished CV, communicate through internal messenger to give feedback or ask questions and leave reviews and testimonials – everything directly from your account with easy to use interface!



    Social media

    We managed Elites CV social media platforms with the aim of spreading brand awareness, increasing website traffic and measuring our success based on the number of new customer acquisition via social media, follower’s growth and engagement and website visits. The social media platforms that we managed included Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. We implemented a dual language social media strategy to attract and build strong relationship with both Arabic and English speakers.


    Content Creation

    More than 60% of the visual content was created by our designers, which included announcements, company related materials, Instagram stories and highlights, Facebook and LinkedIn banners, infographics, mockups, quotes and many more. All captions and written communication were created by our team, carefully checked to address Elites CV tone of voice and then fully translated and optimized for Arabic language to reach the main target audience of Elites CV.

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