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    The Brooch Club

    The Brooch club
    The Brooch club

    Jelingu’s process

    The Brooch Club was launched in London at the end of 2015. They approached us the following year because they wished to create a luxury brand that mattered and held a distinctive brand personality. They were concerned that they were not creating enough buzz in the luxury fashion industry and so desired a timeless re-branding that could dominate the luxury fashion accessories segment.

    The Brooch Club's re-brand was about finding the middle-ground between the brand's old identity and the new. Here at Jelingu, we had the titillating challenge of steering The Brooch Club in a new direction while remaining faithful to its initial ideals. The journey demanded a great deal of flexibility and confidence to remain adamant for the re-branding cause.

    Research – Throughout our experience, we identified four components that are essential to a luxury brand: story, exclusivity, quality, and culture. These were pillars upon which The Brooch Club's rebrand was to be built on. Before laying the groundwork, however, we had to inquire into the rather niche market of brooches. Once we were confident in the vigorous knowledge and research we obtained, renovations began.

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    Brand Story

    A luxury fashion brand needs to tell a narrative. We similarly wanted The Brooch Club's founder Bonàe II to be conveyed as more of a mythical figure than a sombre one to attract new consumers through awe and curiosity. We endeavoured to embellish the fashion company's mission by tying it in with the brooch's longstanding history. This specific fashion branding initiative was achieved by portraying The Brooch Club as a movement to bring the brooch back into fashion, rather than just the selling of a commodity.

    Slogan – The drafting of a new slogan for The Brooch Club was a process of trial and error. We conceptualised around fifty slogans until at last we had narrowed them down to five which felt promising and suitable and acted as an analogue for the luxury fashion design of the product. A personal favourite of ours was: 'The Timeless Cannot Die’ — a bold statement and one favoured to be our wild-card at the client meeting. Not only does it reemphasise the brooch’s long heritage, but it ends with 'die' which is undoubtedly memorable in the context of luxury fashion branding and marketing.

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    Logo Design

    The original Brooch Club logo was dated and too generic. We had to invent one more dynamic, contemporary, and memorable within the luxury fashion sector. It was to be based on the letter ‘B,' to emulate the curvy luxury fashion design of the brooch, and appeal to a younger demographic to market this luxury product away from the limited consumer base often associated with high-class brands.

    Colour Palette

    The old colour palette was black and white: the classic look for the luxury fashion industry. But we do things differently, always. We wished to create more than just another luxury fashion brand. The British racing green, charcoal, and two types of gold reflect the new brand by associating these traditional colours in a modern way.

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