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Jelingu creates

About Us

Welcome to Jelingu Creates! We are a London-based digital branding agency. We have a creative team of designers, marketers and computer geeks offering branding services, website design and everything in-between. In order to stand out in the highly competitive scene of London branding agencies, we have made it our obsession to deliver original, novel and distinctive products. In short, our normal isn’t normal

Our mission

Design is at the root of everything we do; it is central to our brand. A creative agency shouldn’t want to simply make products for their clients, but strive to create amazing user experiences that entertain, inspire and invigorate. That’s what we do. That’s Jelingu.


We like our products to inspire, delight, inform, educate and entertain people of all ages. We love to work with entrepreneurs and new startups, and it is our mission to continually be the best amongst London designers, if not, the world.

Our passion

Doing things that are yet to be discovered, established or replicated. Our graphic and web designers have produced award-winning products, and this team of Camden creatives has no intention of stopping.


Some Of Our Favorite Projects

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Cheap websites

Web Design

UI/UX specialisation. E-commerce. WordPress. Custom Websites. Web apps. Content Creation.

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Animation Services

Packaging Design

Elegantly designed packages for your products. Designed to stand out.Cosmetics, Beauty, Food & Drink - Lets talk about your product packaging!

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Branding Services


Branding Strategy. Brand Identity. Logo design. Graphics design. Campaign and product photography & filming. Content Creation.

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App Design Services

Digital Marketing

Social Media Management. SEO. PPC. E-mail Marketing. Content Creation.

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